Marian Bantjes

So my lovely sis presented me with Marian Bantjes I Wonder for Christmas and ohhh lordy I cannot get enough of it. Just the cover is enough entertainment – and gold edged pages yum!

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Bantjes is basically everything I want to be: designer, typographer, writer, illustrator, businesswoman and public speaker. Ok scrap the last one for me, we’ll leave that to her. Seriously talented, just get a load of the eye candy at her website.

The book I Wonder is hard to categorize – my sister’s brief was a general ‘well good designy book please’, so I wasn’t really expecting a collection of essays on subjects ranging from heraldry to the alphabet to Muslim art. The way it’s illustrated and typeset is totally new to me. It’s intricacy and beauty make every page as important as the last, and it’s as much a page turner as any award winning thriller, seriously. And it’s funny. Like in the chapter relating to astrology, stars and planets are lovingly represented with beads and gems – it’s basically how I wish I was taught in Physics.

Buy this book and love this lady.




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