Five things that make me happy

1. Penpal

I have mail! The real handwritten, pen ‘pon paper kind. From my brand new penpal all away from Californiway. Big thanks to Margaret of Paper Pastries, a beautiful blog. Think it’s time to invest in some pretty writing material – yay! How I love paper shopping. Got my eye on these bad boys from Kate’s Paperie (US) and Papernation (UK):

2. Star Slinger

Can’t get enough of Star Slinger, and this visual accomplice to their new tune pushed that fuzzy feeling even further.

3. Accessorize

Went for a shopping spree on Friday and allowed myself a wander around Accessorize. Something I need to do with caution. This place makes my head spin with it’s ridiculously well designed jewellery, bags, well… accessories obv. In my wildest dreams I’d be a jewellery designer for them, for now I’ll just gawk like a seagull looking at a chip on Brighton pier.

4. The Lovely Bones (2010)

Just finished watching The Lovely Bones and while the film isn’t perfect (I really couldn’t stand Saoirse Ronan’s whispery voice… that’s all) they have done an incredible job at visually creating a world for the deceased. It’s a genuine serotonin increasing section of the film, watch it on mute and put on some Star Slinger.

5. Take 5

And finally, what would my happiness be without some chocolate covered peanut butter crunchy goodness? A cheeky visit to Covent Garden’s Cybercandy gave resulted in a Hershey’s Take 5 bar munch. Good things indeed do come in fives.


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I help creative introverts reach their goals through coaching sessions, step-by-step guides and my online community: the League of Creative Introverts. Big believer in the power of the mind, and the power of peanut butter.
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