The Beautiful People

This documentary from the BBC, Glamour’s Golden Age, about young people in 1920’s London had me wishing I was born 60 years earlier. Which is a first. I mean, what would life be without the internet? Not to mention spray deodorant, dub step and frogurt?  But what they did have (if you were born into a ludicrously rich family…) is style. And they knew how to rave it up.


My favourite ‘character’ from the era is Cecil Beaton (1904 – 1980). He was a photographer, diarist, interior designer and an award-winning stage and costume designer – a very talented chap. His photography really sums up what I think is the real beauty and elegance of the era (you know, before the drink and drugs killed most of its stars). Here’s a self portrait he did:


Love it. Though I’m not surprised he was bullied at school. Emo… Anywho, I do recommend watching this documentary on iPlayer while you’ve got the chance, it gives a super intro to what was going on then and what these people were about – many of whom have been forgotten now. Its also pretty amusing how much it reflects what young people with endless cash supplied by Daddy are like in London today. These were the first teenagers, the first ‘IT’ girls the UK saw – history, darling.


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