Little Boxes

Ahem. What defines a productive weekend? Seeing friends and family, sleeping in, drinking wine and… eating krispy kreme? Well, check to all the above. But I think what really makes it a pro weekend is getting out the craft materials and making something pretty. Check! Enter the little boxes…

Blank canvas. Not for long!

Woot. [Note to self: yoga mats make great cutting mats but do not take to PVA glue spillages. Sticky down dog’s = not fun, just messy.]

The bronze paint gets used! Happy face.

Aaaanyone remember Lite Brite? Oh how I wish I could find the actual toy part and not just the (albeit pretty) bulbs. On the brite (HAH) side, I can now put them to use in my crafty adventures…

BAM. I skipped a bunch of ‘in progress’ photos because this has gone on for long enough, so will now present you with the finished products.

Open wide!

I still have one more but will save it for another weekend. All arted out for now.


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I help creative introverts reach their goals through coaching sessions, step-by-step guides and my online community: the League of Creative Introverts. Big believer in the power of the mind, and the power of peanut butter.
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