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I help creative introverts reach their goals through coaching sessions, step-by-step guides and my online community: the League of Creative Introverts. Big believer in the power of the mind, and the power of peanut butter.

Mad World

Lame title but look: Pops recently presented me with a pulpy collection of Mad snippets. Love the circus theme cover and the red dyed page edges (even better than gilding? I might just say yes.) I will now share a … Continue reading

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Little Boxes

Ahem. What defines a productive weekend? Seeing friends and family, sleeping in, drinking wine and… eating krispy kreme? Well, check to all the above. But I think what really makes it a pro weekend is getting out the craft materials … Continue reading

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That Thing That Blows

A choodle’s life. Fighting for page space on an A5 sketchbook, drawn whilst being scrutinised (well, my be glanced at) by sleepy, cranky morning commuters, then carelessy disgarded for months post-scanning. Which page gets commited to the prostigious completed choodle … Continue reading

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Mixing it up

Thanks to the genius Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon, I’ve recently been able to take part in my very first mix share swap. It’s nice to share. And you can get it yourself here. Think I’m going through a … Continue reading

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The Beautiful People

This documentary from the BBC, Glamour’s Golden Age, about young people in 1920’s London had me wishing I was born 60 years earlier. Which is a first. I mean, what would life be without the internet? Not to mention spray … Continue reading

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Spend a Penny

Nooo not like that. At my shop! Which has had a bit of a facelift (screw you bigcartel and your fees) so now I can have endless fun what with the making and the selling. Have a browse at … Continue reading

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Puppet Masters

I had the pleasure of visiting the Barbican Gallery last week to see an event that’s part of their current animation season. This event was an evening of short films made by Bretislav Pojar followed by an interview with the … Continue reading

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Having breakfast as soon as I get in to work at 9 definitely has its upsides – more time in bed, a choicey selection of free cereal and fruit and having something to look forward to at the end of … Continue reading

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Plimsolls in Progress

Thought I might share the pre-colouring state that my custom shoesies go through. Could indeed be an option when it comes to selling them – don’t want full colour? Choose the line art verison! No problems with colour clashes there… … Continue reading

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A quote that has made me giggle for years now originally came from some comedy impressionist show (Dead Ringers may be? Definitely didn’t involve that twat who can only do Tony Blair.) It was a perfectly accurate take on Kirstie … Continue reading

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